Winners of international DANSATHON announced

Dansathon, the 1st international dance hackathon

Designed to be a new format of collaborative and connected co-creativity  ‘Dansathon’ aims to provide resources to imagine innovation that could shape the future of dance by exploiting all of opportunities presented by digital technology.

The event (held  28-30 Sept 2018) simultaneously brought together 90 participants from the world of dance, technology, design and communications in the 3 European cities: Lyon (as part of its International Dance Biennial), Liège and London.

Dansathon, the 1st international dance hackathon

At the end of the 3 days of artistic experimentation, each of the 3 multi-disciplinary juries selected a winning team from each city:

The winning team was made up of Salomé Bazin, Lara Buffard, Simon Haenggi, Katelyn Notman, Jon Rowe, Adam Seid Tahir and Renaud Wiser.

They created a project that aims to humanise technology. The team was looking to create a connection between strangers and build a shared experience through the senses and new technologies.

In a one to one experience, wearable technology worn by both audience member and performer was used to create a soundscape from the breath of the dancer and the pulse of the spectator.

The ability to experience the physicality and emotional state of another human is a way of positioning the human at the heart of this technological experience.

Digital Umbilical – How can technology be soulful?


The jury members thought that this proposal had found a way that new technologies can enhance the empathy between performer and audience in a unique and intimate way, using these tools to bring people closer together as human beings.” adds Alistair Spalding, Sadler’s Wells Artistic Director and Chief Executive.

Vibes… – « Une Trans-vibes partout dans le monde » (A worldwide vibe)

Created by Xavier Boissarit, Romain Constant, Déral, Éric Minh Cuong Castaing, Anaïs Nisimov and Anaïs Tardivon, “Vibes” is a game that connects individuals with groups and dancing communities located in other cities. This project allows people who are geographically isolated to connect and cross borders via technology and thus enjoy a shared dance moment…

“By rewarding Vibes, the Jury has chosen a project that allows to reach new dance audiences in a playful and creative way.” explains Dominique Hervieu, General Director of Maison de la Danse de Lyon and artistic director of Lyon’s Dance Biennale.

Cloud Dancing – “Take a break: connect now, watch here, feel it! “

Cloud Dancing is an immersive and interactive dance performance that combines dance and virtual reality, created by Sophie Caron, Julia Houdin, Emily Kirwan, Guida Mauricio, Aurélien Merceron, Roman Miletitch and JY. Specta(c)tors can experience and watch the choreography that brings together dancers and 3D images whilst either being present at the theatre or whilst being in a different location such as a café, with friends or on the sofa at home. All at the same time and in different countries! Even if they are not dancers themselves, spectators can interact with dancers either live – on stage – or via their smartphone and a virtual reality headset, and have an impact on the choreography in real time.

The Dansathon Jury in Liège chose the Cloud Dancing project for its choreographic, visual and technological qualities, as well as for the team’s high commitment and cohesion.” explains Pierre Thys, Director of External Relations, in charge of dance programming, Théâtre de Liège.Building in three days an artistic performance so innovative, captivating and successful, that uses virtual reality, 3D modelling and motion capture, is absolutely impressive!”.

Each project will be brought to life thanks to the grant of €10,000 from the BNP Paribas Foundation and the support provided by the partner theatres. Lyon’s winning project will receive an additional support of €5,000 from the Ministry of Culture.