Dancer health and wellbeing with The Whole Dancer founder Jess Spinner

The Whole Dancer

One of the most important issues facing the dance industry is dancer health and wellbeing.

It is critical that dancers, teachers and parents are educated and aware to ensure that dancers are positively nurtured; so that they love their body, embrace their differences, understand the challenges, learn how to improve positively, have support, knowledge and tools to rise to the heights of their dance dreams so that they have an enjoyable, successful and long dance career.

Former professional ballet dancer Jessica Spinner is a health coach and founder of The Whole Dancer – a health and lifestyle coaching programme for high level dancers.

Jess shares her own experiences as a professional dancer that led her to create The Whole Dancer and The Dancers Best Body Programmes.


Jess’ dance training included summer programmes at The Kirov Academy, North Carolina School for the Arts, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater in New York and with Orlando Ballet.

As a professional dancer Jess, danced with The Louisville Ballet and also studied dance and arts administration at Butler University, before freelancing as a dancer in Boston.

Throughout her dance career, Jess experienced her own struggles with body image, food, confidence and what she perceived as shortcomings as a dancer.

LISTEN to Jess tell us about The Whole Dancer and The Dancers Best Body Programme she created to provide support, education and tools for aspiring dancers who may be facing challenges relating to body image, health and wellbeing issues.