Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet, Principal Dancer on her lockdown dance life, #Turnoutwithtiler & creating A New Stage

Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet Principal is not only a famous ballerina in the US, she has become a global household name following her uber successful live ballet classes #turnoutwithtiler, launched during the covid pandemic.

In this podcast, Tiler gives an insight into her inspiration for starting the online classes and the incredible feedback received from dancers around the world. Tiler shares one special story about a dancer in Iran, who was able to take class in the privacy of her own home, in a country where dancing in public is forbidden. This is the power of dance, and the power of digital dance during the pandemic.

Listen to Tiler talk about her experience of lockdown and months away from the studio, following an extensive break from dancing as a result of a serious neck injury last year.

In Tiler’s uplifting style, she shares how she has been dealing with dancing at home and how she’s ensuring she’s ready for when the New York City Ballet is able to perform live. She also gives some insightful advice for other dancers, who are in a similar situation waiting for dance to return to the stage.

Tiler has used this time away from the studio and rehearsals to create A New Stage, which is having its world premiere online on 16 October (then available to stream).

Hear Tiler talk about curating and staring in A New Stage, which includes three new pieces from ballet to hip-hop to tap; working with Lil Buck, Sierra Boggess, Brooklyn Mack and the Syncopated Ladies, who take the stage in works by Chloe Arnold and Jennifer Weber, and a world premiere from Christopher Wheeldon.