Black Swan, Singin’ in the Rain & Chicago reinvented in short films

11 Million Reasons to Dance. Black Swan, Sian Green Lord. Picture by Sean Goldthorpe.

Launched four years ago, the 11 Million Reasons to Dance exhibition, which features 20 memorable images by photographer Sean Goldthorpe working with disabled dance artists, has impressed audiences from the UK to Hong Kong, Korea, Spain, Croatia, and Ukraine, delighting them with its iconoclastic reimagining of famous dance scenes from the film.

Striking images from the photographic exhibition featuring D/deaf, sight impaired and disabled people who dance, which has already thrilled more than 100,000 people in the UK and across the world, have been reinvented online, challenging stereotyped views of the dance world.

Now, thanks to new funding from digital commissioning body The Space, images inspired by classic dance scenes from Singin’ in the Rain, Black Swan and Chicago have been reinvented as a series of short films.

The three short films below, aim to give an inclusive experience – whilst the three works aren’t fully audio described in a traditional way, audio description has been the starting point and main influence for the completed works.

Inspired by Black Swan


Inspired by Chicago


Inspired by Singin’ in the Rain