Sylvie Guillem – 6000 Miles Away

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Sylvie Guillem steals the limelight each time she steps her perfectly formed arch onto the stage. She is hypnotic.

Every extension of her leg, each tendu and develope almost defies belief in its perfection. Sylvie Guillem is so slim and yet so strong, so athletic yet so graceful, determined yet emotional.

The mixed programme devised and performed by Sylvie Guillem, comprised 3 performances by 3 choreographers: Mats Ek, William Forsythe and Jiri Kylian.

Rearray, choreographed by William Forsythe, saw Sylvie partnered by an outstanding male dancer Massimo Murru. However, I was so intent on watching Sylvie – not wanting to miss a pointe or a movement of her arm – that I didn’t even watch Massimo for fear of missing a moment of Sylvie.

27’52” by Jiri Kylian was performed by a stunning and gifted dancer, Aurelie Cayla. Many people may’ve thought they were watching Sylvie when Aurelie took to the stage because she was simply incredible, almost beyond expectation. Her movement was genius, she took the challenging and rigid choreography and turned it into a beautiful captivating and astonishing performance that wowed the audience. Aurelie Cayla is definitely a dancer who deserves to share the stage and the limelight with the world’s great Sylvie Guillem.

Bye showed Sylvie youthful, child-like, funny, quirky. The production was intelligent and the use of video was unexpected, touching and made us all laugh.

Sylvie received a standing ovation not because she is infamous, but because she is remarkable, talented, courageous, honest and raw.

The fabulous night ended on a light note when a member of the audience threw flowers at Sylvie Guillem and accidentally hit her square on the face!

by Savannah Saunders