Sri Lanka – Swimming with Turtles in Mirissa

Casa Colombo in Sri Lanka

After a crazy couple of days in Sri Lanka we finally put our feet up at the beach at the incredible Casa Colombo. I would be lying if I said this was ‘affordable’ luxury at $383 for a pool suite which comes with a butler, but it was for my birthday so we splashed out a bit for this incredible location.

To be honest I didn’t think we’d use either the butler – or the mobile we were given for direct access – as the hotel was so boutique and small with only 5 rooms and a divine little beach front.  But how I was wrong.

Why get up and order a cocktail, why get up for a new towel, why not just call our butler who delivers everything we want directly to your sunbed! How truly decadent!

Beach at Casa Colombo, Sri Lanka
Beach at Casa Colombo, Sri Lanka

I have to say that we went a little overboard at this hotel on cocktails and beach dining. But it felt worth it.  The beach was so beautiful, private, pristine.

The water was crystal clear and we spent the afternoon swimming with turtles; I saw 5 in an hour.  It was so much fun and the turtles are just adorable.

Beach at Casa Colombo, Sri Lanka
Beach at Casa Colombo, Sri Lanka

Our suite, with the pool & butler, was stylish and luxurious with a massive outdoor bathroom. It felt more like staying at a private villa than a boutique hotel. Although don’t be fooled by the ‘private pool’ it was only a foot deep so there wasn’t much plunging and more lounging in water!

Mirissa (the main Mirissa beach area) was touristy and felt very backpacker, although the beach was lovely. I personally preferred Welligama just down the road, which feels more intimate, local and calm. of course if you’re into surfing, beers and beaches you’ll like the buzz of Mirissa.

Casa Colombo is a super stylish boutique hotel on a stunning beach!