Sophie Laplane, First Artist & Choreographer, Scottish Ballet

Sophie Laplane, First Artist, Scottish Ballet

Sophie Laplane, First Artist with the Scottish Ballet was born in France, studied at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School, and danced with Le Ballet de Lorraine before moving to Scotland.

Sophie shares with us her journey from Paris to Glasgow, her favourite roles, and her move into choreography that is being nurtured by the Scottish Ballet.

The support Sophie has received from the Scottish Ballet has enabled her to create acclaimed pieces with students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland which she’s presented as part of The Royal Ballet’s First Drafts at The Royal Opera House in London.

At a time when there is a critically important industry wide debate about the challenges facing female choreographers, it is inspiring to hear a story of a female dancer turned choreographer being supported by her dance company.

LISTEN to Sophie talk about her love of dance, the creation of Sibilo for the Scottish Ballet (see images), choreographing a music video and life as dancer and choreographer.