Review: Ballet Revolución

There’s something about watching Latin American dancers, they have sex appeal and athleticism like no other. During the whole of Ballet Revolución one cannot take their eyes off the dancers.

The first half of the show was a mix of Latin, hip hop and ballet. Often moving from one style to the other within the blink of an eye. Despite this the flow felt natural and the cheography felt effortless. The faster tracks which included songs by Beyonce and Shakira were more exciting than the slower numbers.

The second half is just as entertaining if not a tad raunchier with some slow chair routines by four of the dancers.

A final dance routine with a couple of encores left you feeling on a High and wanting to boogie! It’s a Shame the audience didn’t get on their feet.

Overall a very entertaining show for lovers of dance. It didn’t really have a story or a purpose but that didn’t matter, as the pure skill and charisma of the dancers was enough to leave you walking out with a smile on your face.

Thank you to our Wonderful Member Petria for the review!

Ballet Revolución