Diana Vishneva, Prima Ballerina with American Ballet Theatre and the Mariinsky Theatre has collaborated with Kerastase Paris to launch a new hair product range – Discipline

Dance, more than any other performance art, is the ultimate expression of discipline and grace. This is exactly what Kerastase’s newest haircare innovation, Discipline, offers for untamable, unmanageable hair. To demonstrate these results, the brand tapped into Diana to serve as the face of Discipline, which strives for control with elegant movement.

“My life is all about discipline. I started dancing when I was 6 years old. Ever since I enrolled at the ballet school, I work 10 hours a day… That sums up my own attitude, up to the slightest detail of a movement: I will keep working on it relentlessly – until it feels perfect today. Being a perfectionist myself, I feel that I can only relate to a brand that is equally demanding towards itself and women’s beauty.” – Diana Vishneva

To capture Diana as the embodiment of Discipline, the brand created an exclusive video showcasing Diana performing a dance by esteemed choreographer Carolyn Carlson. Her hair, styled by legendary hairstylist and Kerastase expert, Luigi Murenu, showcases the full effect of Discipline with her hair down and free flowing, but still in control. Diana’s campaign and the Discipline Collection will debut this month.

Check out the Diana video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSnErk3QUMk&list=UUKYf9tk2zzRQwFCmTm8FU9Q

Image: Kerastase Paris

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