Magical Maldives Six Senses Laamu: I’ve died & gone to heaven!

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a heaven, I can tell you it’s in the Maldives at the Six Senses Laamu!

I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Maldives, I’ve coveted the Instagram pics, lusted over resort apps & imaged myself walking the pristine white beaches lapped with tourquise crystal waters.

And after a busy year at WWOD I was so excited to head out to my dream destination.

We flew into Male from Colombo, Sri Lanka – that’s another incredible story, you should definitely read! I was desperate to savour every moment, so I booked us onto the earliest flight possible, leaving at 7.20am to arrive in the Maldives early in the morning.

Although Male is the transit capital, it was still a glorious sight with the clearest of waters lapping the quay outside the airport. As we ‘wowed’ we were assured that the waters of our destination were even better – now that was a promise!

The 60 mins flight was breathtaking as the atolls came into view, I had never seen anything as stunning in my life. I was in awe of nature, the beauty that rose from the blue sparkling seas.

TIP: Sit on the right hand side of the plane from Male to Laamu and on the return sit on the left – it gives the best views of the hundreds of atolls & islands!

We arrived at Khadhdoo, which takes the prize for the smallest airport I’ve ever visited, and was greeted by the wonderful Six Senses staff who boarded us on a speedboat to the resort. And after a short transit the stunning Six Senses Laamu sparkling with perfection.

Six Senses Laamu

There is a reason that this is my favourite resort in the world! As soon as you arrive you feel at home. It’s relaxed, friendly, there’s no hint of pretence. Shoes are removed, cares fall away, the day and time no longer matter.

Six Senses is designed to blend naturally into its stunning setting, the main area is all soft wooden, glass flooring to see the fish below, open plan, elegant, and true island luxury chic.

We stayed in a gorgeous overwater bungalow on Jetty C.  The villa had uninterrupted views to the horizon, a private entrance into the clear waters, floor to ceiling windows and private viewing balcony, an open air shower and a clear bath with glass floors to watch the sea life go by as you relax in bubbles.

The villa is stunning, comfortable, relaxed and luxurious and oh so private with so many hidden places to hang out and chill out. If you want to close the world away, you could stay here and never come out.

Restaurant at Six Senses Laamu, Maldives
Restaurant at Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

TIP: Jetty A is closest to the main restaurants & bar, plus the best snorkelling off the end of the pier.  You can get sunset view as well.  Jetty B is a little bike ride away, but still close to the action. Jetty C is furthest away, and for us it was perfect for the relaxing bike ride and quiet tranquility.

We also loved: Complimentary all day ice-cream bar, personalized number plates for the bikes, all of the restaurants are amazing – Vietnamese, Japanese, Mediterranean – Chef Martin Davies is inspirational! 

We stayed 5 nights over Easter and even though it had 180 guests, it felt like a private island unto ourselves, as we barely saw other people the entire time we were there.

Snorkelling was senstational, it’s an underwater hive of activity of huge colourful and friendly fish, turtles, rays and even little black tip reef sharks! One day I followed a turtle for an hour and was close enough to see his eye and I could’ve touched his shell. What an experience!

Diving was also wonderful and there is a manta ray cleaning station that’s not to be missed during the right season (sadly not when we were there!).

Six Senses Laamu‘s beauty is in the relaxed atmosphere, the gorgeous remoteness, but it the amazing friendly staff that sets this resort apart from anywhere else I’ve ever been.

We were assigned a GEM – Guest Experience Maker – a butler in traditional terms, but there was nothing traditional about the attention, friendliness, and to whatever desire or dream the answer from Mantouq was ‘yes’. He created personalised dinners on the beach, special menus, and even had my conditioner put in a pot instead of a pump just the way I like it (it’s a personal thing)!

Six Senses Laamu was the most incredible holiday we’ve ever experienced, every single little element was perfect, the sand, sun, sea, culinary delights, fresh fruits & veggie garden, handmade baileys ice-cream and genuine hellos from every member of staff we passed on our gentle cycles across the lush green island.

Six Senses Laamu is a divine sensation and we can’t wait to return to the blissful island of perfection! This incredible euphoric slice of heaven makes the top of our Wonderful Hotels List!


Ethiad Airways: London Heathrow – Abu Dhabi – Colombo (if you have a long stop over I recommend getting some shut eye in the sleep pods!)

Cinnamon Air: Dickwella – Colombo

Sri Lanka Air: Colombo – Male

Malvian Air: Male – Khadhadoo