Luca Vantusso, Dance Photographer

Luca Vantusso has been for years an Italian photographer of Dance and Ballet accredited in the most important European theatres. He has worked with international artists such as Roberto Bolle and Sergei Polunin, Alessio Carbone and Marianela Nuñez, has photographed at the Opéra Garnier in Paris, at the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich, at the London Palladium in London and in most European theatres.

Thanks to his love for dance and the precision of his work, he is one of the photographers working in the world of International Choreutic photography. Tireless, meticulous, ambitious, he always expects the best of himself in all conditions. A Canon photographer who has always been, he closely follows new technologies, which are an integral part of his journey in search of precision and maximum definition.

His work and his reportages are characterised by the constancy of the shots in all phases of the show, by the perfect management of the lights, by the scrupulous composition of the images, by the meticulous attention to detail and by the innate ability to grasp the moment to stop the scene fundamental on stage at the right time. These characteristics have allowed Luca to create a style that is uniquely recognised and now specifically requested. Currently he is mostly engaged abroad following important Theatres for productions of international importance.

Luca Vantusso with Virna Toppi and Alessandro Staiano

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