KINEMATIK Dance Theater, photo credit Javier Gamboa

INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival was an event to remember. With free access, a beautiful view of Manhattan and New York’s warm sunny weather, the festival showcase site-specific contemporary dances for the Long Island and Queens residents.

A well organized event, INSITU selectively joined 24 dance companies to perform at four different parks, mostly using and interacting with the various attractions they offer. Svea Schneider, the Founder and Artistic Director of the event, organized seven hours full of dance.

The main goal of this unique festival was to take dance to another level, trying to reach and give messages to the communities. Although, each and every one of the companies had a goal of their own.

Their choreographies represented specific themes, whether it was unity against a conflict, fighting with the acceptance of adulthood, or the struggles of immigrants coming into a new country.

“A lot of people are not very familiar with dance and everything that it is,” said one of the members of BS Movement, who danced at a playground. “Bringing it to the community breaks the gap of not knowing what it is.”

The majority of the audience did not know this festival was going on. The music and the dancers got the attention of new people, and the majority of the audience members just happened to stumble with the event. INSITU took care to involve the community in their dances, and the crowd got bigger as the festival went on.

“It’s not only important for the community, but also very important for the dancers,” said Christopher Unpezverde Núñez, a Costa Rican dancer and choreographer who participated in the immigration-focused dance. “This gives us back our confidence as artists.”