Dance Producer Christina Elliot gives us the hottest dance at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

LEVIATHAN Image - Photo Credit Steve Tanner

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is celebrating their 70th Anniversary of showcasing norm defying performance.

With over 140 dance shows, we’ve asked The Place’s Senior Producer, Christina Elliot to give us the low down on the hottest dance at the Festival.

The Place is London’s leading contemporary dance training, creation and performance house, home to the London Contemporary Dance School and the Richard Alston Dance Company.

Christina Elliot, Senior Producer at The Place. Photo by Alicia Clarke
Christina Elliot. Photo: Alicia Clarke

Listen to Christina talk about the importance of dance at EdFringe, what to see (check out: Dance Guide to Edinburgh Festival Fringe), and the 4 amazing pieces The Place is taking to the famous festival.

We also talk about her role, what a producer does and her typical day – there isn’t one!

The Place also sponsors the Total Theatre Awards for Dance, which celebrates innovation in dance, Christina gives us an insight into how the winners are selected for the prestigious prize.

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