Emma Gladstone, Artistic Director of Dance Umbrella

Cia Maduixa: DOT 88. Credit: Jordi Pla

Dance Umbrella is London’s largest dance festival and the 2017 programme showcases some of the world’s best choreography and dancers over 3 weeks.

Dance Umbrella 2017 runs from 11 to 28 October with works being presented in unique locations across London.

Artistic Director and CEO Emma Gladstone sees over 200 shows a year in order to curate the festival.

In this interview Emma Galdstone talks about:

– her role as Artistic Director
– how she selects works for Dance Umbrella
– what audiences can expect from this year’s programme
– highlights of choreographers she has discovered
– where to find some unusual dance in unexpected places in the capital

Emma also talks about taking dance out of the theatre and into the community, showcasing work outdoors, in shipping containers, at Battersea Power Station, on the street and more.

There is also free events, family friendly performances to give kids a fun and entertaining dance experience and a whole range of unique shows.

We also discuss what ‘dance’ means, how we talk about and present ‘contemporary’ dance, what Dance Umbrella does to tackle diversity in dance and what her vision is for the future of the festival.

Emma has over 30 years in dance and programming and this insightful interview reveals what it takes to put the programme together.

Emma is an inspiring woman and a power house of dance knowledge and it’s so interesting to be able to hear from the woman behind this incredibly diverse Dance Umbrella festival.

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