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Hello Wonderfuls!

When I was growing up, I studied RAD ballet, tap, jazz and character. I loved everything about dancing, the classes six days a week, getting my first pair of pointe shoes, the blisters and bloodied feet, preparing for exams and auditions, rehearsals and finally being on stage.

And even after changing course and forging a career in PR and Communications, I never lost my love of dance and ballet. I created The Wonderful World of Dance in 2012 to share my love of dance and ballet, to showcase dancers and dance artists and ignite others’ love of dance. I’m so excited that we now have over 150,000 followers across 50 countries, reaching a million a month!

I absolutely love speaking with dancers, choreographers and artistic directors, to give a voice to the people behind the tutus and dance shoes, those backstage and in the wings.

With our #WonderfulTeam of dancers, dance students, dance teachers and dance writers around the world, I want to present a new voice in the dance world.

I love all forms of dance, from pure classical ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop, flamenco right through to experimental. I love dance that makes me think, that moves me, that presents me with something new and unexpected that makes me think ‘wow’.

Growing up in Australia, it was every girl’s (and boy’s) dream to join The Australian Ballet or go to London and join The Royal Ballet. But with 1000s of dance companies around the world, I also want to inspire dancers and introduce them to new companies that present rewarding career options.

And as a result of social media, dance is exploding and although the future of dance is exciting, it has challenges around funding, accessibility, equality, relevance and health. I want to get underneath the beautiful facade and explore the depth of dance.

I’d love to hear from you, if there’s any dancers, companies or topics you’d like us to cover, just send me a message below.

Savannah x


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