Young British Dancer of the Year : Anna Rose O’Sullivan

From being unable to walk to star of the stage, Anna Rose O’Sullivan – Young British Dancer of the Year – has an extraordinary story

Sixteen year-old Anna Rose O’Sullivan is fast becoming one of the most recognised names in British dance, and is the proud winner of the Young British Dancer of the Year award, 2011.

From a very young age, Anna was captivated by the world of dance, especially that of ballet, and always knew that she wanted to be a ballet dancer.

At the tender age of ten, Anna gave an outstanding solo performance of A Little Princess with the London Children’s Ballet – a performance where she was required to dance for the biggest part of the 90 minute show. In the same year, Anna was also chosen to play the role of Cosette in the well-known musical, Les Miserables.

Although Anna is now living out her dream of attending The Royal Ballet School in London, and is on her way to worldwide stardom – things didn’t always look so promising for the talented youngster.

It was feared when Anna was a baby that may never walk properly, let alone dance – due to a condition, which caused her feet to turn inwards, and meant that Anna walked on her Ankles. Anna’s mother feared that the condition would mean her daughter would need major corrective surgery.

It was later discovered by a doctor that Anna’s case was not as serious as some, and it was soon remedied by attending ballet classes as suggested by her doctor. Anna’s love for the art soon grew, and by the time she was ten she already held 24 ballet medals.

Look out for Anna Rose O’Sullivan on the stage!


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