Free 5-day dance challenge starts Monday – for Dancers of All Levels

A woman in a white top and denim shorts leaps outside during golden hour

Hold off on the #mondayblues because Dance Dispatches is hosting a free 5-day dance challenge from Monday, 5 October.

Designed for dancers and dance lovers of all levels (including absolute beginners), this fun #5daysofdance challenge will bring you the benefits of dancing in just 10 minutes per day. If you’ve been lacking motivation, it will prompt you to squeeze a mini mood-boosting workout into your daily schedule.

Benefits of dance

Dance fitness company Zumba commissioned a study about the benefits of dance on 2,000 British adults. Here are the incredible results, as summarised by Claudia Aoraha for The Sun:

  • 80% experienced elevated moods after dancing at home
  • 75% identified as ‘happy’ after dancing
  • 50% stated that dancing improved their mental health
  • 67% expressed a desire to dance more

Do you relate to the 67% that would like to dance more? Then turn your wish into a reality.

Dance is for you.

We can easily fall into the trap of wanting to dance … only if we look good. We might even feel like we’re not worthy of dancing unless our dancing will result in the gorgeous photos we see on Instagram or the most popular videos on TikTok. But that’s not true. You are meant to dance, now, as you are.

And when you join the #5daysofdance challenge, it’s okay to be camera-shy. There’s no need to post photos or videos of your personal dance journey on socials, though you are more than welcome to share them to inspire others. This special dance challenge is just for you, so you can enjoy the simple pleasure of moving your body. Because that’s ‘all’ dance is – and it’s magical.

Experience the joy of dance for yourself from 5 – 9 October. Sign up here.