Carlos Acosta celebrates his 30 year dance career: “It’s possible to be born in the streets of Havana with no future and become a principal dancer”

The international dance sensation Carlos Acosta is celebrating his 30 year dance career by performing alongside his company Acosta Danza at London’s Royal Albert Hall, 2-5 October.

In this podcast episode, Carlos Acosta shares his greatest moments from his dance career, his favourite roles that he’s danced, his experience of creating his own dance company and his advice for the next generation of dancers.

Listen to Carlos talk about growing up in Cuba, the youngest of 11 children in an improvised family and how dance changed his life. He reflects on his career with The Royal Ballet, becoming an acclaimed choreographer and life after retiring from the stage.

Carlos Acosta – A Celebration. Photo: Manuel Vasson

Carlos tells us about the works being presented at the Royal Albert Hall, including the UK premiere of Christopher Bruce’s Rooster, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s critically acclaimed Mermaid, and a reworked version of Acosta’s Carmen full of Latin influences and accompanied by a live orchestra.