Capezio® appoints award winning ballroom dancer Lynn Shanahan as CEO


Capezio, a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business, has named fashion industry veteran, Lynn Shanahan, as its CEO.

Lynn is the first non-family member to run the dance industry’s most revered footwear and apparel brand.

She is also the company’s first female CEO in its 130-year-old history and is herself, an award-winning, competitive ballroom dancer.

Capezio was founded in New York in the late 1800s by master craftsman Salvatore Capezio who was the cobbler to the Metropolitan Opera.

Capezio quickly gained a reputation as the finest shoe maker for dancers and performers everywhere. His original shop became a legendary gathering place and shoe resource for storied dancers from Anna Pavlova to today’s American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancers Stella Abrera and James Whiteside.

Prior to Shanahan’s appointment, Marc Terlizzi and Anthony Giacoio, both fourth-generation members of the Capezio family, shared the CEO title. Terlizzi and Giacoio will now sit on the company’s board of directors.

“It’s an historic, and rare, moment, in the life of a family business when the founders, after four generations, seek to make changes to an already successful business that ensures success for many generations to come,” said Terlizzi. “With Lynn’s qualities and experience as an executive, and her accomplishments as a leader and a dancer, the Capezio family is proud to have Lynn as its partner in dance.”

Shanahan’s vast experience in building global brands marks a turning point for Capezio, allowing it to expand its product offerings and global footprint.

Most recently, Shanahan was CEO of Kellwood Company, where she successfully led contemporary fashion brands such as Rebecca Taylor, Sam Edelman Apparel, and Parker.

Capezio, Lynn Shanahan, Chief Executive Officer
Capezio, Lynn Shanahan, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Kellwood, Shanahan had a 15-year career at Tommy Hilfiger where Shanahan was Group President during the brand’s meteoric rise and global expansion. In addition to being an accomplished fashion executive, Shanahan is a two-time World Pro/Am Champion in American Smooth Ballroom Dancing.

“I am excited and honored to be joining Capezio,” said Shanahan. “Capezio is a much beloved brand with exceptional design, product quality, and performance. From the bespoke footwear for celebrated ‘tappers’ and Broadway theater dancers, to the beginner ballet slipper for the three-year-old, Capezio inspires dancers at every age and every level. I look forward to continuing the success at Capezio and working to bring even more innovation and fashion to the dance-inspired consumer as we embark on this next stage of growth.”