Bolshoi Ballet Academy Graduate Tala Lee-Turton makes history at the infamous ballet school

Tala Lee-Turton, photo by Nicola Selby

21 year old ballet dancer Tala Lee-Turton is only the third ever British female to break through the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

In this podcast interview, Tala tells us about her life as a ballet student growing up in North England and discovering and falling in love with the Russian ballet technique.

After successfully auditioning, Tala moved from the UK to Russia to train with the infamous Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Tala shares her experience of moving countries, what is was like in the first few months at the Bolshoi, how she made friends, learned to fluently speak Russian and what her days were like training at the notorious Russian school.

After graduating, Tala this season joined the Russian ballet company, Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theatre, and set to return to the UK on tour this month.

Tala gives us an insight into the transition from ballet school to professional company and what she’s looking forward to about coming back to England.

As a young dancer, Tala is already looking to the future and has embarked on building her choreographic experience. Check out her films:



As well as a dancer, Tala is a model and a coach, and even at such a young age ensures she gives back to her local community in Barnsley (UK) by teaching local young students when she’s at home.

Listen to Tala discussing her love of Russian ballet and her adopted city, her hopes and dreams for her career and her advice for other young dancers wanting to following in her pointe shoe steps.

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