Bethany McKeand

Bethany McKeand

Bethany began dancing at her local dance school in Surrey at the age of 2 ½. Here she predominantly studied Cecchetti ballet, as well as modern and tap.

Her inexhaustible love for dance throughout her childhood, inspired by her teacher and supported by her family, led her to pursue dance into her academic studies.

Bethany completed GCSE and A Level qualifications in contemporary dance, introducing her to both a new style of dance, as well as sparking an interest into the theoretical aspects of the art form.

Whilst in education, Bethany spent a great deal of time dancing, or helping to teach at her dance school.

Bethany is interested in teaching dance in the future, and was provided the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience by her lifelong teacher.

From a young age, it was unquestionable that Bethany aimed to find a career in the dance world, and this influenced her decision to study a BA (Hons) Dance degree at the University of Chichester.

She is currently in her third year of undergraduate study at the university, where she has discovered her love for dance journalism, which she would ultimately like to pursue as a career after graduating.

Bethany has a particular interest in researching dance history, across any style.