Swan Lake photographed by Jack Devant for Balletto di Milano

Balletto di Milano performing'Swan Lake', choraographed by Teet Kask. Photo by Jack Devant

On 5 November, Balletto di Milano premiered a new take on ballet classic Swan Lake, reimagined by Estonian choreographer Teet Kask, who created the ballet especially for the ballet company of Balletto di Milano that will perform the piece in theaters across Italy and Switzerland. 

“My new version of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is influenced by the composer’s real life experiences, and what he might have been going through emotionally at the time he was composing  the piece,” said Kask.

“My interpretation of Swan Lake treasures individuals who pursue their vision, needs, and desires, despite social criticism and disapproval, thereby celebrating the freedom of expression,” commented the choreographer.


According to Carlo Pesta, the artistic director of Balletto di Milano, the new ballet is undoubtedly a complicated piece. “All things considered, I believe it will enjoy great success,” said Pesta, adding that Balletto di Milano plans to take Kask’s “Swan Lake” on a tour around the world. “We are delighted to be working with such classic material, and reinventing it for modern times.”

The ballet enthusiasts of Milan welcomed Kask’s new piece with rapturous applause.

Teet Kask is an Estonian choreographer who works with different ballet companies from Europe and Asia, and is known for his unique style that synthesises classical and contemporary dance.



As a choreographer he has developed his own singular style of expression. In order to create uniquely conceptual works, Kask often works closely with composers and production designers. His choreography relies on the aesthetics of both classical dance as well as modern expression, and likes to flirt with a certain amount of experimentation.

Kask has worked with the Royal Swedish Ballet, the Norwegian National Ballet, State Ballet of Georgia and the Estonian National Opera and Ballet Company. Currently, he is the resident choreographer at Balletto di Milano. He obtained a Master of Arts in Choreography from the City University London/Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Teet Kask’s ‘Swan Lake’ will be performed from November 2017 to May 2018 in different cities across Italy and Switzerland – Milan, Messina, Savona, Varese, Parma, Lugano and others.