Ankusha and Other Mysteries – Kamala Devam Company

Kamala Devam Company - Ankusha. Photo by Vipul Sangoi
Guest post by Shezad Khalil

Kamala Devam Company’s Ankusha and Other Mysteries exhibits as well as exposes the company’s novel and experimental dialogues. The company’s debut UK tour comprises of a diverse and all-embracing agenda of superlative contemporary and classical forms; dance, movement, film and music.

The evening rejoices in the company’s innovative signature works as Ankusha and Babushka vs. Renaissance Man and a brand new solo piece Jati-Swara-Leela exhibited through the timeless vocabulary of Bharata Natyam as well as Devam’s collaborative and multi-award winning dance on film The Art of Defining Me.

The company’s work examines the connections and interrelationships between Western and Indian aesthetics, subject matter, ideas and movement lexis. Much of the inspiration behind these constructions are based on Devam’s own experiences and journeys in Bharata Natyam and in contemporary dance. But, that’s not all! The spectator also gets to see how Devam skilfully and intricately infuses into some of the work the fiery, dynamic and meteoric vocabulary of acrobatics, popping and the Indian martial art form of kalaripayattu too.

Jati-Swaara-Leela. Photo by Simon Richardson
Jati-Swaara-Leela. Photo by Simon Richardson

Through these idiosyncratic dance constructions, motifs and syntax systems, Kamala Devam Company investigate resolutions and explanations to unfathomable, profound and deep-rooted questions as: ‘Does fate or free will have a greater hand in shaping the course of our lives?’, ‘How do we define ourselves without limiting our potential?’, And ‘In a battle against ourselves, who will come out as victor?’

The evening promises to be lively and dynamic in its delivery of multi-art forms, and if you’re lucky enough you may just experience some exceptional live music at selected venues!

Kamala Devam Company - Ankusha. Photo by Vipul Sangoi
Kamala Devam Company – Ankusha. Photo by Vipul Sangoi

Catch Ankusha and Other Mysteries on tour at a place near you:

Monday 26 November, 8 pm
Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Thursday 29 November, 7.30pm
Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford

Saturday 1 December, 7.30pm – LIVE MUSIC
Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London