Alison Roberts-Tse

Alison Roberts-Tse

Alison Roberts-Tse is a London-based freelance writer, specialising in dance, wellness and travel.

Serendipitously, she tagged along to her first dance class with an elementary school friend and grew up with her local dance studio.

A decade later she graduated with Dance and Communications degrees from the University  of Wisconsin – Madison, including a minor in Dance/ Movement Psychotherapy.

Alison covered the Madison dance scene for nearly three years on, publishing performance reviews, dancer interviews and workshop news.

The peak of her dance performance career was marked by the World Dance Alliance in Vancouver, where she showcased pieces choreographed by Jin-Wen Yu, Li Chiao-Ping and Erin Scheiwe Rockwell.

Alison most enjoys modern and contemporary dance, but she has dabbled in a bit of everything – from ballet and tap to raqs sharqi, ballroom, Bharatanatyam and more.

With a background in dance performance, education and writing, Alison is proud to follow in the footsteps of Margaret H’Doubler as a “thinking dancer.” She is most interested in how dance taps into humanistic discourse through both abstraction and literal depiction. Alison strives to make dance more accessible and valued to artists and non-dancers alike.