Dancer & Film maker meet on Instagram and create stunning new dance video ‘After 8pm’

After 8pm. Dancer Emmett Prince. Director Tanner Herriott
“A couple weeks ago my wife and our two small kids were out of town a few days and I made it a point to be out after 8pm. That’s a freakin’ double rainbow covered in unicorns around here so I lined up a shoot with an absolute BEAST of a dancer I met through Instagram named Emmett Prince. He’s a dance student at the University of Central Oklahoma and was up to shoot around downtown Oklahoma City after dark with a couple complete strangers….here’s the result.” Film maker Tanner Herriott


DIRECTOR, CAMERA, & EDITOR – Tanner Herriott
Emmett Prince
John Dewberry
Steve Mathis
White” by tiedy ky

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