22° Lunar Halo by CHENG Tsung-Lung – World premiere season in Taiwan from 13 to 28 April 2019

22° Lunar Halo by CHENG Tsung-Lung

In ancient folklore, a lunar halo is a sign foreboding changes, while scientifically it appears when the moonlight is refracted by 22 degrees through millions of ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Accompanied by the oneiric music in collaboration with Sigur Rós and Kjartan Holm, this new dance piece by Taiwanese choreographer and artistic director CHENG Tsung-lung from CLOUD GATE 2 excavates our deepest fear toward ourselves as human beings. Through bodies squeezing one another, creeping, mating, fighting and killing in the ever-changing world of high-end technology, dancers morph into concrete symbols of anxieties, struggles, desires and loneliness, and eventually lead us to find a slim hope of love and inner serenity.22° Lunar Halo will enter the repertory of Cloud Gate as CHENG takes over the directorship of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan in 2020.