New Magazine – Digital Version during Covid-19!

Dancers of The Royal Ballet in Act II of The Winter’s Tale © ROHJohan Persson, 2014

Where to catch a dance show online?

In response to the recent spread of coronavirus, our lifestyles are changing rapidly, more countries are introducing quarantine, theatres are closing, dance companies cancel their performances and the best we can do…

¡VIVA! by Manuel Liñán at the 2020 Jerez Festival.

Review: Manuel Liñán – ¡VIVA! at the Jerez Festival

Since presenting his first solo show in 2008, Manuel Liñán quickly took the flamenco world by storm, bringing a fresh and totally personal take on traditional flamenco. Unwilling to follow the contemporary…

Hideaway Experience, Dundee, Scotland

A slice of Scottish heaven at The Hideaway Experience

This weekend we’ve left hot and busy London for a weekend escape at The Hideaway Experience in the Scottish Highlands. Located just 15 minutes outside the up and coming arts hub of…