Ballet bag essentials

Jennifer Kohli

As a full-time dance student living in a small town in Switzerland, I have to travel a long way to get to a professional ballet class –  2.5 hours each way to be exact.

I used to lug around a heavy dance bag filled with tools, warm-ups and reading material (for my commute).

But some time ago I came to the realisation that I much prefer to travel light and actually don’t really need all the bits and bobs I carried with me.

So I paired it down to my essentials and actually switched from a bag to a backpack, as this is much better for your back and also keeps your arms and hands free (to grab that essential cup of coffee on the way to class for instance 😉 ).


I chose a black backpack because you can pair this color with basically any outfit and I like to keep things simple (including my look).

Here are my ballet bag essentials:

  • Leotard, I mostly wear Yumiko but have found some other flattering  brands I like made by dancers
  • Pants or tights (depending on how I feel that day)
  • Socks, to warm up in
  • Flat shoes
  • Freed pointe shoes
  • Rubz ball, to roll out my feet before, during and after class. This little ball is a life saver as my feet get super tight
  • Theraband
  • Pouch containing hairbands, combe, bobbypins and perfume
  • Water bottle by Swell, love this bottle as it keeps your drink cooled
  • Book, for my commute
  • Agenda & pen, to keep organised and jot down ideas and corrections
  • Snacks: nuts, fruit and Raw Bars

As you can see, it’s pretty basic.  What about you?  What’s in your dance bag?

By Jennifer Kohli